Le Sénégal est situé sur la côte Ouest de l'Afrique.

At the most western point of Africa, Sénégal is a small country of approximatively 76,120 sq. miles and some 8 millions inhabitants. It also has the special character of almost surrounding another country, The Gambia (4,360 sq. miles). Sénégal is a flat land covered by a sandy soil, except for a small (700 ft. high) mountainous area in the southeast corner. Three large rivers run almost parallel from Southeast to West: Sénégal (1000 miles long), Gambia (600 miles), and Casamance. The combination of the three basins determines the region of Sénégambia. The climate is tropical, with a 3-5 month long rainy season and a 7-9 month long dry season. The moisture diminishes from North to South. A savanna vegetation of tall grasses and scattered trees dominates. Small clusters of forest persist in few parts of the South.