you13.gif (31639 octets)Youssou N'Dour is one of Africa's most important performers. His music has reached a world wide audience through collaborations with artists like Peter Gabriel, Neneh Cherry, and Branford Marsalis. He started performing at a very early age and is always experimenting with new sounds based on traditional Senegalese musical styles. With his complex rhythms and soaring vocals, Youssou's music breaks down all language and cultural barriers. To quote the liner notes from "Set", his music will make you think globally as you dance locally.
Peter Gabriel has described Youssou's voice as one of the finest in the world. He has an amazing 4-5 octave range and sings in English, French, Fulani, and Serer as well as his native Wolof.
Here is Youssou N'Dour's nearly complete discography for his original releases. Singles (12'' or 7'') are not included.

you42.gif (29424 octets)1. STAR BAND DE DAKAR

Vol. 10: N'Deye N'Dongo (Soumbouya IK3029)   Youssou joined Star Band from Vol. 10.
Vol. 11: Birame Penda Vagane (Soumbouya IK3029)
Vol. 12: Sala Bigue (Soumbouya IK3029)


Vol. 1: Dom Sou Nare Bakh (Touba/M. Diokhane, no suffix)  This was re-issued from Sterns Africa (CD, Vol. 1: Absa Gueye), but one track was missing.
Vol. 2: Thiapathioly (Touba/M. Diokhane, no suffix) This was re-issued from Sterns Africa (CD, Vol. 2: Thiapathioly); only the order of the tunes is different.
Vol. 3: Yalay Doggal (Touba/M. Diokhane, no suffix)
Vol. 4: Xaley Etoile (Touba/M. Diokhane, no suffix)
Vol. 5: Maleo (Touba/M. Diokhane, no suffix)

assan2.jpg (10035 octets)3. YOUSSOU N'DOUR ET LE SUPER ETOILE DE DAKAR

Vol. 1: Tabaski/ Ndakarou (Touba/M. Diokhane, no suffix)
The band is indicated as Youssou NDour et son Orchestre
Vol. 2: Ndakarou/ Xarit (Touba/M. Diokhane, no suffix)
Vol. 3: Independence (Touba/M. Diokhane, no suffix)
Vol. 4: Bandjoly Ndiaye (Touba/M. Diokhane, no suffix)
Vol. 5: Yalou (Ibrahima Sene, no suffix)
Vol. 6: Djamil (Ibrahima Sene, no suffix)
Vol. 7: Daby (Ibrahima Sene, no suffix)
Show a Abidjan Vol. 1 (no label, K008)
Same as the disk "Mouride".
Show a Abidjan Vo. 2 (no label, K0010)
Same as the disk "Show a Abidjan"
Diongoma (Mandingo MP122)
Also released as a disk.
mdfaye3.jpg (11794 octets)Vol. 8: Immigres/ Bitim Rew (Super Etoilede Dakar, no suffix)
One additional track is included as compared with the disk "Immigres".
Honda/ Live in Paris (Super Etoile de Dakar, no suffix)
Vol. 9: Africa/ Deebeub (Super Etoilede Dakar, no suffix)
Vol. 10: Ndobine (Super Etoilede Dakar, no suffix)
Vol. 11: Bekoor (Mbaye Gueye, no suffix)
Hors Serie: Barguedji (Ndiambour, no sffix)
Vol. 12: Jamm/ La Paix (Saprom, no suffix)
Vol. 13: Kocc Barma (Saprom, no suffix)
Vol. 14: Gainde (Saprom, no suffix)

you48.gif (34593 octets)Vol. 15: Set (Saprom, no suffix)
Vol. 15: Jamm (Saprom, no suffix)
Live Olympia (Studio 2000, no suffix)
Hors Serie: Remix (Saprom, no suffix)
Xippi (Alassane Diakhate, no siffix)
Special Noel (Saprom, no suffix)
Live Bir Sorano Juin 93, Vol. 1 (Studio 2000, no suffix)
Live Bir Sorano Juin 93, Vol. 2 (Studio 2000, no suffix)
Wommat (Talla Diagne, no suffix)
Dikkaat (Saprom, no suffix)
Diapason + 95 (Saprom, no suffix)
Diapason + Suite (Jololi 95)
Lii! (Jololi 96)
Lii+ (Jololi 97)
Saint-Louis (Jololi 97)