Mame Bamba : Text: Y. N'Dour, M`baye, Rome, B.A. N'Dour  CD: The Guide, Columbia, Sony Music

When the withe man got very confused
He told him Bamba
You daid You`ve never be wrongful of God
Or you fellow man
And it`s time to pray, if you don`t do it
You`ll be wrongful to God
And if you pray in our boat you`ll be wrongful to us
Bamba threw the mat in the sea and prayed on the water


Do you hear me father Bamba
Did they hear you father Bamba
We didn`t know who you`d become
Until the word was spread
But now the story of your people, can be shouted out loud
Your pain, your sorrow in your journey
A table between God and a man
Your prayers, our prayers
Oh no the will not be ignored


The man in me changes every time I read you Khassayids
My strong faith in you makes me survive in this crazy world
Now I can go anywhere, because I know you`ll be there
We know your pain will always make us stronger
Mame Bamba
You are our rescuer
Every day, every night, every moment
They are singing and they are crying
You may be gone but your spirit will remain
Oh it will stay until the end of time

Keyboards: Jean Philippe Rykiel Saxophone: Brad Wheeler Trombones: Glenn Ferris, Bolo Bolognesi Trumpet: Ron Meza Horn Direction: Mathew Russel Additional Backround Vocals: Lokua Kanza

7 Seconds : By Youssou N'Dour & Neneh Cherry

Don't see me from a distance
Don't look at my smile
And think that I don't know
What's under and behind me
I don't want you to look at me and think
What's in you is in me
What's in me is to help them
I assume the reasons that push us to change everything
I would like us to forget about their color
So they can try to be optimistic
Too many views on rave that make them desparate
Let's leave the door wide open
So they can talk about their pain and joy
Then we can give them information
That will bring us all together


It's not a second
7 seconds away
Just as long as I stay
I'll be waiting
Nothing can move us, we should be moving
from the ones who practice wicked charms
For the son and the stone
Bad to the bone
Man is not evil, even when it's born
And when a child is born into this world
It has no concept
The tone the skin is living in


There's a million voices
There's a million voices
To tell you what she should be thinking
so you better sober up for a second